• ciril91420

    kristen stewart m exite

  • Impressive Profile ;)

  • Anonyme

    Je t'admire pour toutes les langues que tu parles dis-donc.. :)

    • Hello Dear, I am Maryanne how are you?
      after going through your profile.
      i will like to tell you something
      serious and important if you
      can send me message now
      Thanks and remain bless.
      Best Regard,Maryanne

  • Hey Lilly! Thank's for the compliment, you have a nice blog too! I love speak English, and when i read you little message I said myself cool I am going to answer her in English, lol, it's so cool! Tu semble vraiment bien maitriser la langue, j'aimerais bien etre aussi doué lol, mais bon j'ai un peu de mal en anglais x) Bref, trés jolie blog!
    Bey, bey!!

  • Great personnal presentation, I love foreign languages too and above all english! Even if I live in Reunion Island! Like you, I 'd like to in London and why not, live in a coutry where they speak english! Good luck!